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Common Problems

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Basic Friction: The difference between kinetic friction and static, the most basic of FBD practice, Newton's laws.

Block on a slope (static): variations on (the title), more FBDs, rotated coordinates, SOH CAH TOA.

Ladder: FBD on complex shapes, friction, and counting knowns and unknowns.

Stacked Block: multiple FBDs, Newton's 3rd law, algebra.

Banked turn: Racetracks, airplanes, and buckets. Centrifugal forces and FBD.

Atwood's Machine: coupled objects (rope and pully), multiple coordinates, complex FBD, systems of equations.

Falling Apple Kinematics: Kinematics, systems of equations.

Moving Target: Kinematics, bigger systems of equations.

Work Energy Block on a slope: Work balance, Kinetic energy.

2 Blocks 2 Slopes: Easy sum of forces, Work energy, equivalent mass

More Coming Soon! see below

cannonball: 2D kinematics, SOH CAH TOA.

Dukes of Hazard kinematics

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